About us

Arafa Shipping Agency ASA established in 2021 and founded after more than 20 years of experience
in serving the maritime transport industry in all over Egyptian ports.

Arafa Shipping Agency ASA started by Karim Arafa whose acting as a general contractor & Shipping
services over 17 years with respected shipping agencies serving all Egyptian ports.

The owner established Arafa Shipping Agency ASA as a Solidarity Company with Egyptian partner who
had more than 25 years of experiences for handling and surveying maritime transport industry at all
over Egyptian ports by handling the duties with our hands too under international and Egyptian
shipping applicable laws.

In 2021 we succeed to issue our shipping agency license from Ministry Of Maritime Transport in
order to serve our client’s interests with efficiency and with low cost all over Egyptian ports and
around the clock.
Our long experience in all previous knowledge of the maritime business created the
opportunity to build the knowledge for us and for our staff whose necessary to handle and provide
the best service to all our clients